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the ring

There's a high pitch screaming in my head - so loud that I could even hear it outside my head. It says, "THIS IS IT!"
Some agreeable sentences were spoken last night, between both of us, looking at my phone screen, excitedly. It felt like we have found our "true love" on a screen with picture of wedding rings. Yes, it is! A black diamond ring on titanium ring and a black carbon fibre on titanium ring, what a beauty.. We love love love this findings!


bye bye, vera kebaya!

Few days ago I typed a word "kebaya" in pinterest and came across these cool kebaya designer named "Vera Anggraini" with her brand Vera Kebaya. Picture after picture, and I fell in love with how the kebayas fit the person. The design, overall, is simple with its own outstanding detailing (mostly laces, swarovskis, and beads).

Below are some designs I like (and by the way, do you notice that she likes to play with the back's design rather than the front's? And I love it!);

Aren't they pretty? <3 <3 <3

But, let's play "guess the price"! How much do you think it cost for a piece of kebaya? ;)

Give it a try! Guess.

Yes. It's waaaaay to high for my budget. Although I knew from the first time that there's no chance for me to expect ordering my wedding kebaya from her, but I did hang my hope for an affordable number. I got the number from a blog post (someone I know) that the price tag is IDR 25,000,000 (starting from!), it's around US$2,175. I was just grinning and pinching my arm, while smiling bitterly. Oh, bye bye, Vera Kebaya!