bye bye, vera kebaya!

Few days ago I typed a word "kebaya" in pinterest and came across these cool kebaya designer named "Vera Anggraini" with her brand Vera Kebaya. Picture after picture, and I fell in love with how the kebayas fit the person. The design, overall, is simple with its own outstanding detailing (mostly laces, swarovskis, and beads).

Below are some designs I like (and by the way, do you notice that she likes to play with the back's design rather than the front's? And I love it!);

Aren't they pretty? <3 <3 <3

But, let's play "guess the price"! How much do you think it cost for a piece of kebaya? ;)

Give it a try! Guess.

Yes. It's waaaaay to high for my budget. Although I knew from the first time that there's no chance for me to expect ordering my wedding kebaya from her, but I did hang my hope for an affordable number. I got the number from a blog post (someone I know) that the price tag is IDR 25,000,000 (starting from!), it's around US$2,175. I was just grinning and pinching my arm, while smiling bitterly. Oh, bye bye, Vera Kebaya!

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