wedding entrance.

Wedding entrance is one of a thing that make our hearts torn into so many.
At first, we were thinking of something Indonesia.. either keroncong or other traditional tune.

Then it was off.

After that, we went into something jazzy.. such as James Brown or Al Jarreau.

Then it was off.

Then came accross to some instrumental songs which are commonly used, but then realized that it doesn't represent us. So, it was off the table.

I even asked my best friend for his suggestion, since I think he's better in this particular songs (he's more into instrumental and slower songs, much much more than us). He suggested a few, and almost all are acceptable!

Below are some of the link that might be useful as reference to choose your wedding songs/wedding entrance's song:
1. Old Brand New Blog - honestly, he has the best choices!
2. I Wed Solutions
3. My Inspired Wedding
5. The Knot

Small things indeed, but took us days to decide the wedding entrance's song and song list to be played during the reception. Fiuh!


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