found a shelter!

These two weeks we have been dealing with lots of agents and properties' advertisements. Every single morning, I woke up, grabbed my phone and scrolled up & down looking for a house. It's tiring, many times I got sick of it and was thinking to just delete the apps while wishing there was one house out there waiting for us (without the need to be found). It's sickening though, the searching felt like never-ending (although it's only two weeks time!), the price were crazily expensive, and it's not easy to fall in love with a space that's not decent enough to be called home (while Yos were easily liking the very first place we viewed, haha).

In the beginning of the search, we did find one apartment we liked a lot. But then the landlord turned us down by increasing the price due to the number of pax (the advertisement didn't say much about how many pax should stay, blah!). Then, for days, I had been dreaming and even talked about it in my sleep. I prayed for it a lot, because I wanted it so much; the apartment was huge and it has an outstanding view from the bedroom's windows - it has a view of the city, at night you can see the city's lights like a painting on the corner windows.. it's just amazed me, I still can frame it in my mind.

And when we were ready to increase our offer for that huge apartment -  we were desperate to find an apartment that matches all of our requirements; price-wise, location-wise, and size-wise, there was an arrangement to view one apartment not so far from that "dreamy apartment"; and turned out it matched all of our above-requirements! Not as big as the previous unit we loved, the view is not as fantastic as the previous one, but it's a lovely one! Acceptable size, near bus stop, quiet neighborhood, and it has a pretty look!

The prayers had been answered, and indeed He knows what's best for us ;) We grabbed that apartment on the same night, and almost didn't think that we were gonna regret it (but, yes, we summed up what's good and bad about the apartment, right after we transferred the deposit to the landlord..). Nothing stops us for being so thankful for this, it's great value of money and great place to start fresh. Now, we just can't hardly wait to move in!
one of them will be ours ;)

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