one packed weekend

We've just passed the Easter weekend, and that was a packed weekend for both us and the moms ~ now even Yos is falling sick. Just got back to the island this morning - after an afternoon drama due to flight cancellation last night, which cause a frantic moment of calling several airlines to book the earliest ticket back here. Phew, such a tiring afternoon, and also not good for our bank accounts and leave balances (okay, I'm letting it go now).

We got a chance to settle quite a lot of things last weekend. Let me make a list:

1. Meet up with the Wedding Organizer (Bu Tati / Purusatama)
It was Yos' mom who engaged her as our WO, but this is just a matter of D-day service, because after all, we arrange all the details by ourselves, Bu Tati will help if we have no time to meet the vendors or to make appointments with vendor. She already drafted the rundown for D-day (reception) and she asked us (and also my parents) to fill several blanks for her record. I'm happy with the rundown, it'll be a super simple reception. Hooray!

2. Meet up with the decoration vendor for reception (Mas Aji from Agung Decoration)
I think it was Bu Tati who suggested Agung Decor to Yos' Mom, so we met him and talked about the initial idea for the ambiance we (including Yos' mom and dad) wanted. There are several points have been made clear, and he promised to send us his proposal by today! And by the way, talking about price, he gave us quite a substantial number: IDR50,000K. A bit shock with the price he quoted, though. I actually googled for decor several weeks ago, and found out the review people gave for Agung decor (regarding the price) weren't that high. Well, let's see how it goes.

3. Pay a visit to the make up artist for reception (Sanggar Liza)
One accidental moment was: it turned out that the make up artist is under the same group as the photographer I have booked! Yay. It'll make things a lil bit easier, I guess :) Yos' mom suggested to rent the wedding's outfits (bride, groom, parents, ushers), but I think my mom wasn't really keen on renting the clothes, she preferred of having our own outfit so that we could keep it. Well, budget-wise, I don't mind renting, because with the amount of IDR17,000K we get a lot, inclusive make up for bride, parents, and 10 ushers (plus clothes)! And for your information, their make up artist, named Mbak Fitri, is super awesome (go check her instagram account: @fitriliza). Here are some samples of her works.. I really like how she does her magic.. look at the photos of before and after. Abrakadabra!

Anyway, we have booked one of the package; but still considering the bride and groom's outfit. Maybe still need to look again their collection since they have tons and we didn't have much time that day to dig around. I tried several kebayas, those that include in the package and also the exclusive one (with additional IDR2,500K). Most of them are okay, only lack of care from Sanggar Liza.. I only took photo with one kebaya (their exclusive collection); and I agreed to book it. But, after many times looking at my photos, I started to disapprove my appearance, my shoulders looked out of proportion :( ~ although, the moms and Yos said there is nothing wrong with my shoulders.

Really have to look carefully at Sanggar Liza's collection and try one by one patiently, only to find "the one". After all, renting is one good option, in my opinion.. It's easy, fast, less trouble, and a little cheaper.

4. Church
We failed to get a slot at my usual church, so my mom suggested to held the holy matrimony at this church, which is much much closer to my house. I agreed, immediately, for one reason: I love its photogenic appearance :) I imagine it'll be a very pretty day, with blue sky background, gothic building, and us. Don't you think?

5. Survey the venue for traditional wedding party
My parents have booked the building few weeks ago, and this time was my turn to see the physical building itself. It was okay, not too big and not too "batak". I kinda like the ramp up they built to get into the building, though. I really can imagine how crazy it will be with hundreds of batak ladies with their songket and accents; and smokes from the gentlemen; and porks and beers! Haha! Party on!

6. Invitation
I asked Bu Tati for recommendation, and she mentioned "Ants". So, we straight away went down to Pasar Tebet and searched for Ants. Easy to find the place, and yet not easy to bargain. With a dummy we have made as a sample, they quoted IDR12.5K per piece, it's the same price as several vendors I contacted via email. I was hoping cheaper price for vendors at Pasar Tebet. But, it turned out that the owner has the same family name as my grandmother (in Bataknese, they are practically "family"), so we chatted a little longer and looked like the owner has softened his heart. I agreed to email them the revised version of the invitation design and they will re-quote the price.. finger-crossed for much cheaper price.

7. Kebaya and woven
This is the hardest task of all.
We went to Pasar Mayestik, hoping to find all the needs for martumpol and holy matrimony. For the kebaya, I knew what color I wanted.. but for the songket/woven I didn't have any idea at all and didn't hope we would find it immediately. And miracle it was. The first thing we got was the songket/woven, at the very first shop we stopped by! It was a long hour of searching, and comparing, and discussing, and bargaining. At first I was fond of one songket with dark green fabric, it was pretty and complied with all the requirements in my head (it's not bright red and it's simple). But then, the seller gave us one new knowledge about silk Sadum, another traditional Batak woven which is not so popular amongst its own community (most Bataknese is identical with Palembangnese songket). I disapproved the color because it's bright pink-orangish (a big no no), but I approved its originality and its traditional root. The pattern is ethnic and unique, and it's very soft compared to songket. I was thinking, I am a Bataknese. I'm going to have a traditional wedding. I don't think there's a better way to celebrate it than with our own culture, with every single details in it.
.. so, I bought the silk Sadum.
(the moms also ordered the identical silk Sadum for themselves)

Stories after that were.. finding the kebayas. Not easy, but also not that difficult. My mom and Yos' mom insisted to buy French lace, which I didn't see the difference with the ordinary lace ~ but I don't know how, they all know which one is which one! Shortly, I let them decide which French lace was the prettiest, with the most reasonable price..

The hardest task accomplished!

Next step was..

8. Meeting the tailor (Mas Agus)
Yos' mom recommended him to me; from the way he talked I could read that he knows what he's doing. Because of that, I gave him my trust and let him do the job. He sketched two designs for my two kind of laces and hopefully it'll turn into two pretty kebayas. Even now, I'm already curious about the result! :) We will meet again on June or early July.. meanwhile, I'll pray for it.

That's 8 tasks, and we nailed it in two days. What a weekend indeed.. Still have a lot to do, though..

For now, have some rest.. and save more.

Happy Easter, all!


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