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----- I deleted a few lines I just typed, and I have no idea why I am telling you this! -----

Being a Bataknese means wearing a songket in most of the traditional events - not a fan of songket, though. I know that it's important for the parents to wear songket in this big occasion (their children's wedding day), so it's un-debatable to choose one and wear it on the D-day. I am no expert in choosing songket, since for me it feels more "old people" textile.. so I will let them choose for me (finger-crossed, they would choose less gold thread for me - which I already doubt it from the first second I said it).

I proposed to wear non-songket for the engagement ceremony (martumpol - in Bataknese) and for the reception. My mother agreed for the engagement, but still disagree for me not wearing songket in reception. I will give my best reason for not wearing a songket in reception.. let's see how it goes. And yes, I'm that stubborn.

Furthermore, Yos' mom has given me a songket (limasan from Palembang) and a troso woven silk (from Jepara)  for the engagement.

 Songket (Limasan)

Troso woven

Surprisingly, I kinda like the songket limasan. Like I said before.. I don't like a lot of gold thread in a songket --- limasan has much less of gold thread which exposed the beauty of the textile's pattern itself.

And the troso woven is just so pretty! Grey silvery color, with the simplicity of the appearance. Yos said he likes the troso (--- well, you know.. we're fans of dark colors), and I do so. It's not so busy being the center of attention, it has the beauty of humble pattern and character. Sorry, I'm not so good in describing these.

I will look at these two pretty things more closely, while considering the color of my kebaya later. :)

One more thing is almost settle.. and the third month of the year 2014 is coming soon. Oh, time flies!


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