Rather than worrying about the wedding dress or whatsoever, I am combating with my head in choosing the right font for the invitation. Irrelevant, you think, perhaps. But this font thingy is kinda interesting to involved with.

(We're such a lucky couple, by living far for home, all the necessary things for the wedding was being held by the parents of ours (i.e.: wedding venues and catering). We handle small things which are less urgent, including the wedding invitation design.)

After some discussions, we agreed for several options for the theme, styles, and color scheme. And with references we found in the internet, more or less we know what we want. Simple design, for sure. Yos got his part, sketching. I got my part, searching for suitable fonts. And as usual, looking for a font is not a difficult task, but also not as easy as it sounds. In the beginning of searching, usually, I feel interested with the free fonts available in the internet; but after 10 or 15 minutes I start to get sick of it. Haha, sorry for that.

Below are several fonts I've successfully downloaded, some are just a trial because its good preview, and some are might be included in our list of options. Happy downloading!


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