Hello, there.

It's been a yes-and-no project in creating a special blog for a wedding. It's only yesterday when I asked Yos whether we need to create a blog or just create a hardcopy folder for documentation. There are pluses and minuses for a "virtual folder" and a hardcopy folder. So, by having both, I think I'm just being greedy. Ha!

This site is gonna be our stop to keep our preferences and references for our wedding. And also, maybe, to post some thoughts in between the preparation day and the D-day.

.. can't promise that there will be fun journeys included nor nicely written postings, but it's worth a try. Hope, we can go through till the end, and days after that!

~ about us, in short..
I'm not a romantic and girly person, more cynical and "dark" instead,  though, lately, I'm starting to like cooking and buying flowers to decorate my room. I'm not a fan of trend and tend to love old stuffs, that includes music, accessories, clothing, and else.
While Yos is sentimental in feeling, and unique in style and music preferences. He never consider himself as a perfectionist, but actually, he is. He likes black, though he's not against red. He also likes both Korn and Toto, one is a hardcore while the other is funk.

With some clues describing us in person, I have no idea what kind of wedding we're gonna have! What's in my mind is only.. black in color.. which I don't think it's gonna happen in our life - this life or next life or next next life.

Finger-crossing all the way down, hopefully and surely we can make it!


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