first thing first

I'd almost lost in deciding what to do first. Randomly thinking about the souvenirs at first --- and Yos' mom even brought us to Jogja to choose cheap and unique souvenirs to order in advance. I was thinking that it's better to buy whatever I can buy in the earlier days, so in the end, when I'm too busy doing more important things, the small stuffs is already done and don't have to be taken care of. Then later after that, I realized that I haven't even choose the date and book the building.

First thing first --- not to mention that Jogja's souvenir has been included in the shopping cart --- describing the main picture of the wedding itself:

a. How big will it be
This will affect the invitation, the catering, the building's capacity, and etc. We're not the right persons to decide the amount of people who will be invited, since Indonesian's wedding culture in general is about inviting parents' friends and relatives. So, it's between parents, whether they want it big or small.

b. Date!
We don't know yet the exact date, so we're just estimating the possible months, not even trying to favorite any of the dates or months, the best we can do is roughly know when is the most convenient time for all parties, and then the availability of venues will be the next key point.

c. Looking for venues
Basically, by summarizing what the parents have talked about, I know that there'll be four different events for the wedding: Martumpol (it's Bataknese-Christian ceremony, the event usually takes place in a church), Holy Matrimony, Traditional Wedding Party, and Wedding Reception. The most difficult parties we need to find places for are the Traditional Party and Wedding Reception. I am not really concern about the Traditional Party's venues, since all venues are almost similar, what differ them are the sizes and location. So, as long as the date is confirmed and the price is affordable, we're okay about that.
I'm more concern about the Wedding Reception venue, since it'll be the most money-sucking item. We're now looking for a simple place with lovely traditional touch, need not to be too grand or luxurious, as long as it's big enough for the people and decent enough to decor.

Frankly, in my mind, I'd always want a simple outdoor party with several guests only. I envy the Westerns, since they're more flexible in celebrating their wedding days. I even imagining elopement wedding.. and, still want it though.

d. Color theme
By having four different events, it's more headaches to choose the colors. I'm not gonna choose pink, for sure.. maybe light grey, gold-brown, or ruby green. Since black has already eliminated since day one, so there's no way I can go that direction --- we maybe prefer earthy look for the themes. Have to dig a little bit more to look for more options in colors, and to match with Yos' color skin as well :D

e. Photo
Not gonna have pre-wedding session, that's one thing. I'm more concern for the Actual Day' photoshooting. The most important is holy-matrimony, then after that.. wedding reception, since I believe traditional party has already its own listed-photographers I can choose from.

Five items I can list down for the very first steps, and I know it'll take most of our (everybody's) time to decide what's the best. After the first three items, days will be easier, I guess.


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